Trump's latest Flip-Flop

Trump's latest Flip-Flop

Debate speculation over

Two days after Donald Trump said he would love to debate Bernie Sanders, he announced he would not.

Trump did cite pretty credible reasons for not doing so...with jabs directed at both the media and Hillary Clinton. Along with a more subtle jab at Bernie Sanders...but at no fault of Sanders own.

First the swipe at the media...a topic he brings up as often as he can. Trump did say a debate with Sanders would have to create a considerable amount of charity money when asked if he would partake. Trump announced one of the reasons a debate will not occur is because media seems to not be too Interested in giving to good causes.

He also swung at Clinton...or crooked Hillary as he likes to call her...saying how he would not want to debate the second place democratic finisher. He did clarify this was no fault of Senator Sanders who is up against a crooked election process in his party. One he admits was even more unfair than that of his own party, and blames Clinton for part of this.

There...the slight jab at Sanders though, is still one that actually hits harder at a splitting Democratic party more than Sanders himself.

In the end, I think Trump knew that no good could come of such a debate. He has recently found out he has clinched his required delegates. Bernie, unfortunately, will most likely not be the nominee from his party...and Trump is preparing for Clinton.

On top itbis, Bernie is a good debater who has brought more to the table than all other candidates on both sides. 

More unfortunate is the fact that after this grueling election process...we the people will be missing out on the debate of the century.