Trump Town Hall

Trump Town Hall

Trump and family sit down convo

Donald Trump sat down with Anderson Cooper last night on CNN joined by his family in another intimate look at a potential White House Family. Trump was joined by his two some and two daughters...along with his wife.

It was a very intimate look indeed for Trump, who seemed to visibly be a different person with his family on stage along his side. He seemed very peaceful in expression. An expression I have not seen before.

His family spoke about his passion and work ethic. One thing that stood out was his oldest son pointing to the fact that in this stage of his life, Trump does not have to do something like this...running for president. Especially using his own money. However, he wants to make America great his campaign insist.

Trumps initial conversation prior to his family joining him on stage centered primarily about the cards being stacked against him.

He spoke about the recent loss in Colorado he took...despite winning the state overwhelmingly in votes, Cruz ended up with more delegates.

Trump even went as far as sympathizing with Bernie Sanders whom despite win after win after win... All you here about is Hillary and her super delegates are making things impossible for Sanders.

He too feels this pain as it was evident he is far less confident about reaching the required delegate count. He did not outright say his own party is against him and trying to block him, but it is a known fact that several are. Just lookmatbRomneys revdnt moves flip-flopping backing of candidates Vruz and Kasich...and Colorado (for example) happily declared a win in blocking Trump.

All of this despite an overwhelmingly amount of support from the US people. Literally millioms of moremindividual votes than hisncompetition.Now makes it easy to see why people are voting for trump.

A vote that is more against the establishment than it is for the real estate mogul. If neither Sanders or Trump makes it to the big dance, it will be clear that changes to the rules will have to be sought out by the American people. That way their voices can really be heard, and democracy can ring more true.