Trump’s kids can’t vote for him

Trump’s kids can’t vote for him

Never quite got around to registering

Eric and Ivanka Trump won’t be able to vote for their father in New York’s primary next week, because neither of them managed to get around to registering to vote.

Although the voter registration deadline for the election is March 25th, New York runs a closed primary. This means that the Trump children needed to have registered to vote as Republican by last October in order to be eligible to vote in the primary.

The fact that they didn’t makes you wonder how seriously the Trump campaign is even taking this election.  Trump claims that he and his children were unaware of the deadline. Did no one in the Trump camp point out the election deadline to Trump and his kids?  Also, shouldn’t he have known?

Frankly, it looks like Trump’s kids don’t want to vote for him, and took the easy (if slightly weaselly) way out. Can’t say I blame them!