Trump: Russia Should Hack Clinton Emails

Trump: Russia Should Hack Clinton Emails

Then he dials that comment usual

Trump says he is not a drinker, which i believe. He talks openly about losing his brother to booze...yet on a daily basis he reminds me of that guy. The guy who drinks a bit too much and does something stupid, or says something stupid, at the bar or party. Then that guy wakes up the next day and, without knowing exactly what he did, apologizes to anyone he may have offended.

Trump is that guy...right? Constantly saying the dumbest things only to pull back on the reigns shortly after.

One of the latest was shortly after the alleged Russian hacks of DNC emails. Trump went on to say Russia should hack the Clinton emails. Does he not know everyone is watching and listening or just not care. Why say it if you can not back it up. If you know your political pals will pull you aside and set up another interview so you can basically apologize for his remarks.

Trump said this was just a joke of his, which i am sure is also true. At this point after all the miss steps in the primaries, you would imagine that he would have figured something out. He said he would be more presidential, but he has yet to really show it. If he plans not to, and honestly he shouldn't have to, he should just say so.

I am who i am and you get what you get. That's what he did when he, again, promoted violence later in the week. When he again made another comment that he will soon apologize for. Yes, after his dumb remarks about Russia email hacks he decided to say he would like to punch some of the DNC speakers. Punch them so hard they would not know what happened...

Can you imagine any of the last 10 presidents making remarks like this. I certainly can't. That is what got Trump the votes though, and what should continue to do so. Now if Trump can just go out and say forget-about-it...GO NY, and let everyone know you are a real person. You are not some PC politician and will say in front of thousands...what most will only say behind closed doors.