Trump claims Ted Cruz’s father helped assassinate JFK

Trump claims Ted Cruz’s father helped assassinate JFK

No low too low to stoop, apparently

Last week, the National Enquirer alleged – on very thin evidence – that Ted Cruz’s father was chummy with Lee Harvey Oswald shortly before the JFK shooting.

The National Enquirer based this on a blurry photograph of someone handing out pro-Castro pamphlets on the streets of New Orleans alongside Oswald. The Enquirer claims that this man bears more than a vague resemblance to Ted Cruz’s father Rafael, who escaped Castro’s regime in Cuba. Cruz has repeatedly smacked down this claim, which is only slightly less ludicrous than the tongue-in-cheek “Zodiac Killer” thing making the rounds.

But that didn’t stop Trump from jumping on board yesterday, when Trump mentioned the connection in an interview with Fox News. If we unpack his statement, Trump insinuated that Ted Cruz is a Communist America-hater like his father, and that if he were to be elected president, he would gleefully bring about “the destruction of America.”

Remember when elections were about politics and not trash-talking gossip? Yeah, me either.