Tony Blair Says He Regrets The Deaths In Iraq

Tony Blair Says He Regrets The Deaths In Iraq

That lord of liars, Mr. Blair

Britain's Former Prime Minister and one of the biggest liars of modern times, Tony Blair, made a second appearance before the Chilcot inquiry, a British government panel holding a public investigation into the origins of Iraq war. Mr. Blair said that he has regrets for the dead, but no regrets for his part in starting the war Nor did he face the facts that the war was sold to the people of his country on a lie.

London Daily Star -- "Tony Blair faced a furious outburst from the families of dead British soldiers ... Rose Gentle, who lost her son Gordon, 19, in Basra, yelled at the ex-PM during his second appearance at the Iraq war inquiry: “Your lies killed my son.”

A tanned Mr Blair said he “profoundly and ­deeply” regretted the deaths of ­British troops following his orders to topple Saddam Hussein in 2003.

But his words met a ­barrage of abuse from grieving parents who turned their backs on him before walking out. From the public gallery, where some were openly sobbing, Mrs Gentle, 46, screamed out: “Too late. I hope you can live with it.”

Afterwards, Mrs Gentle said: “It is six years too late. I would have liked him to stand up and say he made a mistake.”

But Blair, concerned for his legacy, stuck to the lies used back then to justify a war, the worst of whose horrible consequence may be yet to come.

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