Terrorism's Role for a Seat in the White House

Terrorism's Role for a Seat in the White House

How Brussels' attacks can shape the race

The horrific events and pictures coming from Brussels weigh heavy on the minds of everyone. Explosions rocked the country at their airport and metro station yesterday morning, injuring hundreds and killing dozens. 

Across the sea here in the US, we still feel the sting. It brings back memories of 9/11,  the Boston marathon bombings, and the recent San Bernardino attacks. Thus is has been a talking point in the presidential debates, and now will be highlighted further.

Terrorism has been a main talking point, especially on the Republican side, of debates thus far. It is always one of the main discussions in the Republican debates, and is lumped in with our current state issues with illegals and citizenship problems in the US.

It too has been discussed on the Democratic side, but much of those debates have centered more around our economy and trade...along with Obama care and medical issues here at home.

In terms of Republicans, Donald Trump likes to take credit for shedding light on the issue of terrorism. Thus far it seems to be working well also, and the unfortunate inncidents in Brussels may only push him farther towards the Republican nomination.

Trump has certainly had the strongest stance on the issue, including using torture on terrorist and even going after their families if need be. After the incidents in Brussels, he again brought up water-boarding and its benefits. He would like American laws changed in terms of our military methods to get information.

Ted Cruz almost went a step further, and caught severe backlash from his statement following the Brussels attacks. Cruz said he felt government surveillance should be occurring in US Muslim communities to reduce these incidents.

The comments came off more as an attack on the entire Muslim community rather than these, more-isolated, Islamic extremist attacks. Cruz supported his comments, despite the backlash, and tried to correlate it with high crime neighborhoods with a higher police presence.

We will see how this all plays out between Trump and Cruz. Furthermore, we will see how those strong views are going to fair in a general election against the democratic nominee. 

Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders prefer a more diplomatic approach. One in which we work with Muslim countries to improve our relationships and exchanging of information. 

Senator Sander's included improving our intelligence in the area of online recruitment through social media, and working with our allies better in the exchange of information and intelligence.

We will see what parties' response will get the most attention this upcoming election. Right now though, it is clear the Democratic and Republican stances are near polar opposites. 

Picture: https://www.flickr.com/photos/22325431@N05/3019995799/in/photolist-5ASgx6-egMTQM-7ZRenG-bA6m17-bsUcZe-6TeDmo-d7W5HC-6Tc9AV-oxQD7M-oxRnyt-anUDhB-oQksXR-oxYZ4K-oxYZfX-3Jk5BG-7a244U-4dBDek-oQkuUg-bo9Bw4-7UyKUC-5WwXMq-aikZvR-8KtqY2-oNiBa9-oxQLb7-oQ4xNv-dmsU4S-oxQQGw-7ZgGX4-anVcNX-oS7ezT-oQiBEG-4WiC57-8KwDvU-d5wEGd-8d1BMN-79X52Z-7a1mmb-5TgPA4-79WRUV-oNrZ2E-8GKvuG-76vrWF-2wSL1w-6e3iAg-7ZEQ78-5nbLzf-79WRUM-7a1mnb-79WRUF