Ted Cruz sex scandal rumors continue to build

Ted Cruz sex scandal rumors continue to build

Is this what Trump is threatening Cruz with?

Trump has been taunting Cruz recently, threatening to tell the American public something if Cruz doesn’t back off. Meanwhile, rumors about Cruz’s marital infidelity have been looming for weeks. Until now, most of the rumors have been about Cruz hooking up with his then-campaign consultant, a woman who is now Donald Trump’s national spokeswoman.

Today the National Enquirer went public with allegations that Cruz has had no fewer than five extramarital affairs. And sure, the Enquirer is just a tabloid, but it’s a tabloid that has been sued often enough that it’s usually pretty careful what it says these days. (And let’s remember, the National Enquirer is the one that originally broke the John Edwards “love child” scandal in 2007.)

If Ted Cruz had an affair with a staffer who went on to hold a high-ranking position in Donald Trump’s campaign, my only question here is why Cruz even bothered to run at all. Maybe by the time she left his campaign for Trump, Cruz was already committed to the campaign trail, and it was too late to back out?

At any rate, the big loser here is the American public. If Cruz gets knocked out of the race, we’re basically stuck with Trump as the Republican candidate. That’s a little too scary for me.