Ted Cruz gets trounced in New York

Ted Cruz gets trounced in New York

Except for this one precinct!

Ted Cruz isn’t faring so well against either Donald Trump or John Casich. The Tea Party spokesman is fighting an uphill battle at this point – except in one particular tiny precinct in the corner of Greenpoint.

In that particular precinct, Cruz won by one vote. Also, only one vote was cast, in the entire precinct. But it was for Cruz, so he definitely carried that particular micro-zone of New York City.

Donald Trump had a similar single-vote victory in a tiny slice of Bedford-Stuyvesant. He received one vote, the only vote that was cast, so he carried that tiny three-block neighborhood.

A handful of other precincts didn’t cast any votes whatsoever.

Not much Republican voting going on in New York City overall, though. The total number of votes cast for all three candidates in the Republican primary was less than the number of votes for Bernie Sanders, who lost his primary.