Ted Cruz Drops the Mic

Ted Cruz Drops the Mic

GOP Boos Cruz During Convention

Ted Cruz came out at the Republican National Convention and did what Ted Cruz does. Surprise and shock...even more than Trump does.

You think that Trump knows the media game and getting TV ratings? How about this guy Ted Cruz. After saying he would back the GOP chosen one Trump, Teddy came out and did everything but.

Now i know that Deez nuts trended high early in the ratings for president of the United States, but those nuts must have belonged to Ted Cruz... who stood before his Republican party and refused to get behind Trump. In front of all those supporters he said nothing on Trump's behalf. In fact, he said people should use their conscience and vote for whomever would stand for the constitution, which i must give him credit for as he has stood behind it since the start.

You think rehearsing nursery rhymes in front of hundreds was tough for Cruz. Green eggs and ham had nothing on what Cruz just did standing in front of all those Trump supporters. Turning cheers into boos in the blink of an eye. This guy has, at the very least, as much street cred as Trump in the media biz.

Then again, maybe Cruz just played into the Trump card. Maybe Trump wrote this role for Cruz to get himself into the news and continue to do what he has done all along in the Republican Party. That combined with a lack of Republican competition may have really made a call for the party.

Just ask yourself this... did Cruz do more in Trumps favor tonight, or against?... I would say he did more for Trump. The public will tell.