The Tea Party Is Scary and Misguided

The Tea Party Is Scary and Misguided

The Tea Party is scary. Period. Anyone who takes their rallying cries from a woman who defines herself as a “Pitbull with Lipstick” should think about this: often, pitbulls kill innocent animals and people because of their instincts to kill. The Tea Party is not only scary, it is severely misguided.

Don’t believe me because you assume that I am a bleeding heart liberal who doesn’t understand the needs of the people? I’d like you to consider a few things.

  • Watch this video of Rand Paul supporters stomping on the head of a woman at a rally. I dare anyone to defend their actions in this situation.  How are these people contributing to the United States and the welfare of our people? How can this be justified? Bleeding heart liberals do NOT stomp on people’s heads.
  • The Tea Party supporters are calling President Obama a Nazi. How on earth can they call a black man a Nazi? Do they understand the implications and history of the Nazis as a racist people who murdered 6 million people? Wouldn’t it be more apt to call the instigators of the Iraq war Nazis?

The Tea Party is not only scary. They are not representing the needs of the Tea Party members. For some strange reason, they seem to have a misunderstanding about which party represents what. As far as I am concerned, the Democratic party represents the people much more than the Tea Party.

Again, you might not believe me because you think I am just a liberal.  Try thinking about the Democrats and Republicans from a logical perspective and try to tell me which party represents the people.

  • The Democrats pushed Health Care Reform through congress. The legislation eliminates a majority of the backstabbing practices used by the insurance industry to deny health care to paying Americans. Already, the insurance companies can’t deny coverage after the fact. (This practice is called recission.) Soon, they will not be able to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. Isn’t health care for sick people a good thing?
  • The Republicans were the first to approve the bank and Wall Street bailouts under the watch of George W. Bush. When the economy went to shit, his first thoughts went to the banks and the poor Wall Street executives who earn more in a year than most Americans will see in an entire lifetime. Do you want more people like him representing you?
  • George Bush and his gang lied to the American people and started the war in Iraq under false pretenses. Anyone complaining about the cost of health care reform should take a look at how much money the American government has funneled into Iraq. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel all that great about paying for a war that should never have been started in the first place.