Target incites the ire of anti-gay marriage fronts

Target incites the ire of anti-gay marriage fronts

In a rare instance of a large company putting its money where its mouth is, Target has joined in the fight against a Minnesota state gay marriage ban constitutional amendment.  To support those working against the discriminatory law, they will be selling t-shirts and donating all the proceeds to the Family Equality Council.  They expect sales of the shirts to total more than $100,000 - a healthy chunk of change to the normally cash-strapped groups that head these efforts.

This is a bold move on the part of Target and has already produced some serious reactions from those who continue to fight against the LGBT community’s civil rights.  One organization, Minnesota for Marriage was even so bold as to state “It’s an insult to the overwhelming majority of their customers.”

I dunno where this guy is getting his facts, but surveys are showing that more than half the country supports equality in marriage.  With Obama and the NAACP stepping up to add their own heavyweight power to the movement, these numbers are likely to increase even more.  “Overwhelming majority?”  Not bloody likely.

To make matters worse, the Minnesota for Marriage spokesman went on to tell Target they should “…get out of the debate and do what they’re good at.”  So apparently those who think gay couples shouldn’t be able to get married also feel that businesses shouldn’t express their opinions on politics?  I wonder if M for M has taken all their donations from the hands of charitable individuals and not a penny from businesses of any sort.  Somehow, I highly doubt it.

The sad truth is that Target’s courage is still likely to hurt their sales and spawn movements across the country aimed at stopping people from shopping at their stores.  No doubt they will prevail and other companies will eventually jump on the bandwagon in order to get their own bit of press.  After all, what company wants to be remembered in 20 years as the bigots who hated gay people and tried to prevent them from obtaining their basic civil rights?