Take action today to improve tomorrow

Take action today to improve tomorrow

Call upon our leaders to help us improve our nation and world.

Want to make a difference without leaving the house? Click to take action on issues you care about. For an even stronger impact, be sure to pass them along to friends and family if you think they’d like to make a difference, too.

Stop testing on marmoset monkeys.

Taxpayers have spent over half a million dollars on wasteful, cruel experiment to see how the brain processes sound. Click here to voice your opposition to these experiments or to learn more. You can also stand up against animal experimentation here.

Tell Fox that women aren’t responsible for their abusers’ attacks!

Fox News never ceases to amaze. A host recently said that women who are domestically abused simply need to “make better choices.” Way to go blaming the victim instead of the criminal, Fox. Click here to demand an apology.

Donate a net to prevent malaria.

Giving a holiday donation this year? Consider giving your gift to Nothing But Nets, an organization that provides nets and education to families to help prevent them from contracting malaria. Just $10 can save a family of four.  

Help prevent Medicaid cuts.

As negotiations over tax cuts and overall spending are underway, Medicaid is in a precarious position to be cut. To ask that Medicaid not be sacrificed to cover costs, click here.

End the Bush tax cuts.

Rather than take away the healthcare for the poor of the country, we can help ease the financial burden of our nation by stopping the tax cuts given to the biggest earners in the nation. Email your representative to ask that he or she vote to end the Bush tax cuts for the top 2% of the nation.

Ask for a national plan to fight Alzheimer’s here.

Urge the UN to take a strong, continued stance against honor killings here.

Ask Gap to improve their workshop safety conditions.

In the past six years, more than 600 workers have died in the garment industry alone due to hazardous, unsafe working conditions. Thankfully Gap promised to change their workshop conditions, but they have yet to fulfill this promise like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein did. Click here to ask Gap to fulfill their promise and help protect their own workers.

Ask President Obama to deny Arctic drilling permits.

Even though Shell’s Arctic drilling resulted in heavy costs totaling $4.5 billion and many “mishaps,” they are campaigning to get another shot at it again in 2013. Click here to ask the president to deny them the chance to ruin the Arctic yet again.