Take action today

Take action today

Here are some easy, click-through alerts you can take action on right now.

Looking for a quick way to make today count? Smile at every stranger you see—then click through these action alerts for a better world.

Demand a better Violence Against Women Act. Though VAWA passed this year, too many gaps remain that allow perpetrators to continue harming women. Did you know that less than 10 percent of rapists will spend a day in jail? Click here to ask Congress to strengthen VAWA in honor of Domestic Violence Month this October.

Thank Hershey. The company has finally agreed to go fair trade by 2020! That’s a few years away, but it’s a start. Thank you so much, Hershey. When you stop using child labor for your product, you are telling the whole world that it’s not okay, and we appreciate that. We ask that you hold true to this promise and lead the world in fair trade policies!

Give CNN the hand. Erick Ericson has been spouting off sexist language this political season—including referring to female political speakers as “The Vagina Monologues,” defending Rush Limbaugh for calling a woman a “slut” and other heinous remarks—without any reprimand. Could you imagine if we did this with men on national television? Does CNN really think that we will stand for this? Click here to tell CNN we are boycotting their coverage until Ericson is told to stop using misogynist language on a national news program.

Stop the war. Tomorrow will mark 11 years of this horrible war in Afghanistan, a war that has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Afghani civilians and 2,000 U.S. citizens. When did we cease making exiting this bloody war a key component in this election? It’s time to get out of Afghanistan, America! Stop the violence. Click here to write your local paper about what an important issue this is, especially a month away from Election Day.

Tell the candidates (and everyone else) to address global warming. We set hundreds of heat records this year and global warming is escalating, yet the candidates and media are completely failing to address this. Where is our energy policy? Why are we still talking about drilling when we need to fix this? Click here to demand the candidates address climate change and their solutions for us!

Watch and share this video on GMOs. Even GMO farmers are demanding that food be labeled so consumers can make choices about what they buy! Click here to watch and share this video about our need to label genetically engineered food.