Take action this week

Take action this week

Here are some issues that could use your voice!

Ready to change the world? Here are some quick ways that you can make a difference right now.

Ask Tide to take the cancer out

Have you heard that there are ingredients in Tide laundry detergent that are known to cause cancer? The unnecessary chemical known as 1,4-dioxane is even present in the Tide “Free and Gentle” brand, which many parents use for their families. Click here to ask Tide to remove this chemical from their products and share the information with your friends on Facebook.Tell Gap: No more sweatshop deaths!

Companies like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein have agreed to stop enforcing harsh conditions on workers, yet the following companies still have worker blood on their hands when fires and other brutal conditions occur, resulting in more than 600 deaths since 2006:





Personally, I pledge to not buy anything from any of these companies until they cease using sweatshops, period—but all I’m asking you to do is to sign this letter asking them to at least commit to creating safer working conditions like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein have done. Gap even claimed they would do such a thing half a year ago—but then they backed out. Please fight for these workers’ rights to a safe workplace.

Support American Sugar Workers

American Sugar Workers have been locked out of their company for more than a year now without any healthcare or pay. Despite a whopping salary of over $2 million, American Sugar’s CEO demanded that worker compensation be cut—to what, afford another yacht or something?—and workers rightfully protested. Click here to stand along with these workers demanding fair pay.

Help save wildlife habitat

I used to get notices about how the Bush II Administration would go behind closed doors to gut the environment, and for some reason I was hoping the Obama Administration would be different. As wonderful as our president is, he has a long way to go when it comes to the environment—and this near-secret clearcut logging deal he arranged is just one example. Click here to ask the president to protect endangered species and critical habitat that are threatened with this deal.

Ask Nick Jr. to keep it kid-appropriate

I had no idea that Nick Jr. was running teen shows at night, but I knew it was going downhill when they cut the cute host characters, Moose and Zee. These programs are vital for children in hospitals, doctor’s offices, or simply up late sick with their parents; I know because I have used them in all three situations when my daughter was younger. But now they’re airing teen shows with sexual themes on Nick Jr. which is just not cool. It seems like they are pushing the market, hoping to catch little kids and rope them in even younger. Come on, Nickelodeon; I grew up on you and I know you can do better than that. Besides, you have other channels you can run teen programming on! Click here to ask Nick Jr. to keep it kid-friendly.