Take action for human rights worldwide

Take action for human rights worldwide

We’re all human; we need to act like it.

To quote Sara Sidle from TV’s CSI, “It never ceases to amaze me what we do to each other.” No matter who you are or where you are born, there is always a chance that your human rights and very life could be destroyed as long as the rights of anyone are being trampled. We must stand together as brothers and sisters and call for compassionate, fair and humane treatment of one and all.

Stop the Kill the Gays bill

Remember that horrible “Kill the Gays” bill that Uganda was considering? The country is back to considering this heinous legislation. Click here to voice your opposition and prevent gay and lesbian Ugandan citizens from being murdered for simply being who they are. Activists helped stop the bill last year; please click to help stop it again.

Stand up with women of the Congo

The genocide taking place in Congo has been raging for sixteen years now. Much of this blood has touched our own hands in the form of the electronic devices we purchase, fused together over the blood minerals mined in this horrible civil war that’s anything but civil. Women and children are dying daily in a nation where rape is used as a weapon of war; in fact, women in the area expect to get raped. This is completely unacceptable. Please click here to take a stand alongside the women of the Congo along with Hilary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and other people who care.

Pass the Treaty on Rights for Persons with Disabilities

The UN Treaty on Rights for Persons with Disabilities is an integral part of our progress as both a nation and as a global society. With people like Mitt Romney around who want to take away the rights of people with disabilities, it’s more important than ever that we stand up for these individuals who sometimes have no voice of their own. This important piece of legislation will increase access for persons with disabilities worldwide and it is absolutely vital that we pass it. I know knee-jerking people who don’t want to pass it simply because it is associated with the UN! These people are putting politics ahead of people, something we must never do. Please click here to learn more and to add your voice.

Give women in the military equal reproductive rights

Although as many as 19,000 women in the military are sexually assaulted annually—a statistic completely unacceptable in and of itself—not a single one of them is provided with insurance coverage for abortion care. We owe our service women much more than this. We owe them complete safety when in the company of their fellow servicemen, for starters—and we owe them complete medical coverage as well. Click here to demand that military women be provided complete reproductive health care.