Take action for animals and the environment

Take action for animals and the environment

If not you, then who?

The animals and environments of the world depend on us to protect them from complete destruction. Please take a few moments to see if you would like to help save rainforests and whales today, then click to take action.

Stop Illegal Logging

We humans have destroyed so much of this planet’s natural resources in such little time. I am not speaking of a need to shame our ancestors, but of a need to stop what we are doing right now and protect these resources instead. Right now, the RELIEF Act is being considered by our representatives, and it would open the few protected places on earth, such as the forests of Brazil and Madagascar, to logging and complete deforestation. Celebrities like Dave Matthews, Sarah McLachlan, and Sting have all already voiced their opposition, but it’s citizens like us that our representatives need to hear from. Please contact yours today by clicking here.

Ask Sea World to Release Its Animals

We don’t want Sea World to release them into the wild, of course, but into a sanctuary built for animals like these. Whales and dolphins are such intelligent creatures—scientists even say that dolphins should be afforded non-human personhood simply due to their intellect—yet we still keep them in captivity for our own enjoyment, causing them constant pain, stress, and premature death. As much as I loved Sea World when I went once as a teen, I will never return, and I ask that you think about making this commitment, too. Please click here to learn more and to ask Sea World to stop capturing these animals.