Take action for animals, against guns and more

Take action for animals, against guns and more

Help bring forth a new age of peace and love. Bring back the tie-dye, too.

Have you heard about President Obama’s new comprehensive plan against gun violence? I’m sure if you follow the news at all—or if you’re on Facebook, for that matter—it’s not news anymore. The same people who want to control my reproductive rights and the marital rights of my same-sex friends are having a huge issue with the government wanting to take away their high-powered assault rifles. Who knew!

The NRA is having a field day with this, claiming it will be the battle of the century, which I suppose they’ve been waiting for, what with all of those guns. They have even resorted to attacking the president’s children in their ads. They’re just classy like that. What the hell else would they be stockpiling them for? This whole argument that you can’t regulate the 2nd Amendment is a joke; what, are we supposed to let you have atomic bombs in your basements?

And as a person with a uterus, I can tell you that states are happy go lucky creating regulations on current laws. Ask anyone who’s tried to get an abortion. I volunteer for Planned Parenthood and I know over 85 percent of the women in my state alone have to drive hours to get one—and then jump through even more hoops for the life-saving medical procedure.

Anyway, learn more and take action at the links above, or here, or here, and while you’re at it, how about asking Apple to stop producing the NRA app that allows 12-year-olds to shoot assault rifles on their phones?

I know some liberals do like their guns—though you do know that we will not have peace with the around, don’t you, brothers and sisters?—so if you want to skip over those actions, maybe you’ll take action for the animals instead:

Help stop illegal elephant poaching in Asia by asking that elephants be protected from birth onward, not just during adulthood when tusks develop. Elephants aren’t even require to be registered until age 8, making baby elephants especially at risk for trading. Bay elephants need protection, too.

More than 30 wolves have already been trapped and gassed since October 1 since the practice is now legal in Wyoming. Click above to tell the governor to stop this brutality from happening. And while you’re at it, can you also add your voice to the campaign to save the endangered red wolf?