Take action for animals

Take action for animals

Sign these petitions for critters—and for humans, too.

Do you love animals—or women and clean water, for that matter? Here are a few ways you can take action this week and help some of your favorite people—and critters—out right away.

Click the following actions to lend your voice to causes you care about today.

Stop arctic drilling

No matter how many dying polar bears we witness every year, no matter how much more endangered our animals are, we still call for their blood with that awful “Drill, baby, drill!” slogan. This is revolting—especially since we have absolutely no clean-up plan or way to clean up drilling miss in the Arctic, and a spill would be catastrophic. Click here to ask that we not drill in the Arctic, now or ever.Save wolves from poaching

A family recently murdered some wolves and shipped their bloody bodies to family members. A FedEx employee saw the blood and tracked the packages to the family, but they are not being held responsible. Click here to ask that they be prosecuted for murdering these wolves and to ensure that other people do not do the same.

Stop hounding bears

Hunters are using dogs tracked with GPS units to chase after and scare bears before cruelly shooting them while they are treed or otherwise in a compromising, unfair position. This kind of hunting will lead to severe declines in population in the future if it’s allowed to continue—and it’s simply despicable and unfair to the animals. Click here to ask that it be stopped.

Stop White-Nose Syndrome

Our bat populations are severely declining due to white-nose syndrome. This distressing news has closed many caves to the public as scientists attempt to figure the problem out and save the bats, animals that help us keep our insect populations—particularly disease-causing mosquitoes!—down.  Click here to call on our elected officials to fund research into this disease and to stop it as soon as possible.

Defend clean water

Although the Clean Water Act has kept us healthy and our waters clean for decades, our politicians are posed to gut the Act right now even as it turns forty years old. Click here and ask that they defend this act and all of the protection it affords us and our environment.

Sign the Bill of Reproductive Rights

It’s astounding that we even need something to protect our rights to our own bodies in this country, but apparently life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness just don’t extend to one’s ovaries, which the public is fighting for rights over. Click here to check out the Bill of Reproductive Rights and add your name to the petition.