Symbolism: The Pres drops in

Symbolism: The Pres drops in

President Obama must like take-out, or photo ops at take-out joints, for he is often getting his picture taken, and his image captured on news video, showing him dropping in on unsuspecting ordinary Americans, during chow time. He drops in, orders and goes, except for that time he dropped-in a restaurant with the Pres of Russia, as his guest, and like two camera loving hams, they ate in.

No, I'm not being critical. It is somehow reassuring to see the leaders moving around among ordinary people and doing ordinary things. Restaurant visits remind the people that the leaders are people too.

Well, they are; they have to eat.

Yesterday, Sunday, Mr. Obama was in New Orleans to deliver a Katrina post five years speech and to show himself in a city, suffering under the effects of the Gulf Coast oil spill disaster.

The Pres came to make a point. He visited the Parkway Bakery and Tavern, a local restaurant that was badly damaged during Katrina, and too order a shrimp dish, possibly sea food from the Gulf. He ordered a shrimp po-boy from the counter.

The President shook hands. Of course he was there to shake hands and to look good for the camera. And he does look good when he does these take-out photo ops.

He brought his family along on this restaurant take-out drop-in, and with his family present, he even looked better.