Super Tuesday Part...I lost Count

Super Tuesday Part...I lost Count

Kentucky and Oregon up for grabs

As expected Kentucky was tight...very tight. Results are not yet official and may take a bit to make sure they are accurate given the closeness of the results.

At last count, .5 or less of the vote favored Hillary Clinton. Despite, she quickly went on to claim victory on social media when one source declared her the presumptive winner.

Sanders quickly shot back that even if that is the case, he will still get half of the delegates. You can only imagine a Sanders victory if Kentucky was not, yet another, closed primary. Certainly it would have been another win.

Sanders did bounce back with a big win in Oregon and is still chugging along. He continues to echo that he will be in It straight to the convention...and is eyeing up California which could be a turning point for the whole race.

He hopes to be close to Clinton in delegates at that point and to begin to turn super delegates to his team.

This all happened today despite some delegates coming out claiming fear of the Sander's camp especially in regards to the Philadelphia convention. 

Some have been saying his campaign is getting aggressive with foul mouthed and angry protesters. Some have said incidents like Nevada will most likely occur if Sanders does not get out of the rave before the July convention.

The Nevada "incidents" refer to angry voters turned away and not allowed to practice their constitutional voting rights.

Sanders has disavowed any such aggression and has said he has had nothing but positive campaign talk and rallys.

The timing of the Democratic party accusations are odd, and they are making It seem almost as if the Democratic party Is beginning to split like the republican party has. 

This is a new trend to keep and eye in and may be the parties way of shooing Sanders away. Good luck.