On strike against work

On strike against work

Unwashed and unwilling to work

On April 28 of this year, the Occupy Wall Street Movement begins to gear up to attempt to influence the presidential election of 2012. Once again, the unwashed, ungrateful and unmotivated will gather in approximately 128 cities around the world—according to the Occupy website—to rail against the success of others.

The poster shown on their website demands a full day of strike by all workers on May 1, while supporting illegal aliens. Homemakers, factory workers and anyone else who performs meaningful work is being exhorted to strike. Easy for the Occupy members—who receive free food and clothing and in many instances are paid—who are not productive participants in society and are not supporting families and building a future. This is not to say that many of the Occupiers don’t have families, they’re just not supporting them.

What a way to launch their summer salvo and define their innate value system; don’t work, go on strike! It will be hilarious to see what these people dream up and act out leading up to November. If it weren’t so demoralizing to realize how many Americans participate in this debacle it would be entertaining.

Unfortunately, since this is going to be perhaps the most hateful campaign in history, the potential for violence by this group is very high. I’m not too concerned about the way the United States is perceived by the rest of the world. Other countries also have huge numbers of people who want their successful hardworking fellow citizens to fork over their money so the occupiers don’t have to work for it.

Mark the date on your calendar, notify your boss of your absence on May 1 and invite him or her to chuck it all and join you on strike.