Stop supporting Rupert Murdoch

Stop supporting Rupert Murdoch

 Time To Drop Fox

I just received by email this message from Media Matters,

a respected media watch group.


From Media Matters --"We've watched as Fox News has gone from a conservative-leaning news source to an active political player -- but over the last two years, Fox has taken an even darker turn, aggressively pushing outright lies, over-the-top attacks, conspiracy theories, and heated, violent rhetoric. This sharp turn for the worse is epitomized by Glenn Beck, the self-described "progressive hunter" who paints the network's political adversaries as poisonous threats to freedom, faith and the Constitution.

Beck's falsehoods and dark prophecies of the nation's destruction have already had dangerous consequences. Beck's message inspired Byron Williams to embark on a mission of violence -- an attempt to "start a revolution" by killing staff at progressive organizations, including frequent Beck target the Tides Foundation.

Advertisers who sponsor Fox programming aren't just putting ads on a television network. They're actively paying to support a toxic force in our political climate, enabling the worst kind of incitement and deliberate misinformation.

Thousands of you have signed up to join our campaign to get advertisers to drop Fox. Companies who sponsor Fox need to make a choice. And they need to hear that from you.

You can join our campaign to tell advertisers to Drop Fox today.

Dropping Fox cable news channel won't do the trick. Dropping Fox and News Corporation properties, Rupert Murdoch's money machine, including Fox Tv, films, music  just might. Rupert Murdoch and the News Corporation are selling poison. Boycotting a fringe property won't cut the ice, going after the belly of the beast just night.