Stop the lead poisoning of wildlife

Stop the lead poisoning of wildlife

Your voice is needed by Monday, September 24!

Remember all of those stealthy sneak attacks that the senate loved to hide from us back in the Bush II days? I suppose they have always existed, but that’s when they were first known to me. It seems that Obama’s administration—or our Republican-led senate, at least—likes to use these little shifty techniques as well.

On Monday, they plan on sneaking a vote in on a bill that would prevent the use of lead in firearms and fishing tackle. Why would you want lead in your food, you have to wonder? The harm in using the lead is not only to the animals themselves—even if they escape with a flesh wound, they’ll get lead poisoning—but in us! This ammunition ends up in our land and water, contaminating our resources as well theirs.

The NRA is obviously behind many of the blockages of this bill, as they’ve been lobbying for the Sportsman Heritage Act to help keep this bill from being passed. Why they’re okay with poisoning animals and people with lead, I am not sure; why can’t they keep their guns and use more sustainable ammo?

Click here and act before Monday, September 24, 2012 and ask that this legislation not be ignored. We need this ban for our own health just as well as for the animals’.