Stop 'Gotcha Politics' with START

Stop 'Gotcha Politics' with START

It is "Gotcha" politics. Some of the old dawgs, the hosses, who have been slimmed down, are afraid of getting skinned. Some of the old bulls don't want to lose their nice seats, in their nice offices, and their nice title -- the word 'senator' sounds too sweet to them. These dudes don't want to risk not being called 'senator." Some of those old dudes have become puppy dogs, with their heads down, and their tails up, wagging the white flag of total surrender to the Tea Party gang. The GOPers in the Senate don't want to be gotten by that gotcha gang on their right-wing.

GOP-Tea Partiers just don't want to give President Obama an important victory, but the thing is, the ratification of a nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russia would be a victory for America, and the arms reduction policy than began under Ronald Reagan, and it would be a victory for the world, because it would be an important step toward a safer world. But the GOP'ers, and the Tea Party-GOP'ers too, don't want to be gotten by their Tea Party right wing, that is playing 'gotcha' politics with anybody who shows up in a picture with Mr. Obama and are not scowling, snarling and letting the "S" fly.

There are some things that should be beyond politics, the START treaty should be at the top of the list..

Jon Kyl , the Senator from Arizona, who is leading the block of nayers, knows that he could already be facing a hard primary in the too near future, and so though he was all for the START treaty, not too many months ago, now he is blocking the treaty. He has a case of the shakes. He feels the right-wing breathing hard down his neck. He doesn't want to be gotten by the "gotcha" gang on his right, and that's the far right, America.

And so America, Mr. Kyl is doing what a frighten, little puppy dog would do. He's hiding his tail, and whimpering to you, America, "no."

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