Stomping on People’s Heads Just Isn’t Cool

Stomping on People’s Heads Just Isn’t Cool

Every time my mind comes back to this horrific story, I feel sick to my stomach.

Recently a woman holding up a sign against whackjob Tea Party candidate Rand Paul was pushed to the ground and stomped—in the head—by his supporters. Yes, these are the inspiring people who are leading this country in an Earl Grey Revolution.

I just can’t understand why people would support such lunacy! When you hear these people talk—both supporters as well as the candidates themselves—all you encounter is craziness. What’s even crazier (and more terrifying) is that several of these people are seriously running for office, leading in polls, and could be in office as of next week. Here are a few things that Tea Party candidates stand behind:

  • Repealing the 14th Amendment so business owners can refuse to service black people (Yeah, that one’s gonna hold up under our first black president! Seriously, these old white men are so intimidated by being a minority now that they’re grasping at straws—and doing so quite racistly, which should shock us and make us sick, not garner them freaking support!)
  • Outlawing abortion, even in cases where teen girls are raped by their own fathers (instead, they should “Make lemons out of lemonade.” Wow.)
  • “Keeping the Mexicans” out—including “anchor babies” and “terror babies” (Apparently these candidates have never heard of compassionate conservatism)
  • Outlawing masturbation (Come on, even the old white guys should be against this one—no matter how many prostitutes/ random people at the airport they bag each month)
  • Reverting our education system back to the segregated schools of the 1950’s rather than moving it forward (just the thing to get us out of that18th  spot in educational rank versus the rest of the world’s countries)
  • Combining church and state (just what we need)
  • Getting rid of social security and unemployment insurance—but keeping tax loopholes for the wealthy businesses
  • Elimination of the 17th amendment—in order to stop the public from electing their own senators
  • Abolishing the minimum wage, Medicaid, and the estate tax—again, breaks for the rich and penalties for the 95% of the rest of us

I know it’s tempting to vote for the most entertaining candidates next week; I really do. They’re fun to snicker over, just like a clown or a Will Ferrell character. But we wouldn’t vote for either one of them, would we?

And I’d like to think that the majority of us wouldn’t stomp on people’s heads, either.