Southern Baptist Church declares gay rights NOT civil rights

Southern Baptist Church declares gay rights NOT civil rights

In a recent meeting, the Southern Baptist Church voted on a resolution that “officially” declares gay rights as not being the same thing as civil rights.  The SBC is traditionally against gay rights, using the old excuse that marriage is only to be between a man and a woman, but now they’ve managed to spread their prejudice a little further in this latest attack on the LGBT community.

The resolution says that homosexuals lack the “distinguishing features of classes entitled to special protections.”  The SBC goes on to classify those “entitled” groups as being based on race and gender.  They say that their reasoning is because there is no irrefutable scientific evidence to prove that homosexuality is anything other than a choice that people make.  If they did their research, however, they would find that there is a very significant correlation between biology and gender-orientation.  Apparently, they feel no need to recognize this research. 

They went on to attack the LGBT community even more.  Opinions were expressed that the LGBT community should not use the Civil Rights Movement as an example to help them in their fight and that they are “misappropriating” its meaning.  Another resolution passed in the same meeting called upon the U.S. Justice Department to stop attacking the Defense of Marriage Act (a blatantly discriminatory piece of legislation) and requested that military personnel be allowed to openly express their opinions on homosexuality.  What they seem to be aiming at is the legalization of open discrimination in all its forms.

Ironically, these resolutions were made just one day after the SBC elected an African-American president - the first in their long history.  Even as they attempt to make moves to go beyond their racism-heavy past, they embrace a new form of prejudice.  And once again, the Bible serves as the sourcebook to justify their views.

This view that a religious text is a good basis for making political decisions is one that has permeated history for thousands of years.  In the past it has proven to be dangerous as well.  When people start making declarations that encompass all of a country’s people based on the opinions of a few, discrimination (and sometimes much worse) is the end result.  The SBC needs to leave governing to the government and stop trying to form the basis of reality around their accepted mythology.