Some will evolve; some simply won't

Some will evolve; some simply won't

Skulls of mush

I don’t really blame all young people. They simply don’t have the wisdom, knowledge or emotional skill-set necessary to reason in a lucid, rational and mature manner—that’s why they’re kids. They are learning, experiencing and hopefully for all of us, evolving.

On the other hand, there are some of those “kids” who I don’t believe will ever evolve and those are the ones that could very well muck up everything. True, that element has always been lurking around the fringes of the crowd, but there are more of them today and their moral deformity is greater than ever. For the first time in history, a society has been created that caters to their mindset and which supports them physically as well as psychologically.

Their numbers are growing and this is evidenced by watching film of the recent May 1st strike by the Occupy Movement. The overwhelming majority of participants were young people. Whether defecating in the streets, wantonly destroying property or raping and assaulting each other, these “kids”—enabled by a society that provides them with food, clothing and shelter—want more and more.

They want free education, medical care, homes and automobiles. They also want jobs given to them with high pay and short hours—this was demanded by one of their leaders on a national television interview.

Sure, the strike was ill attended and a fizzle, with only the sensationalist vandalism making the news. But the fact remains, there were many people in many different cities who attended the protests, and among those who were simply curious or thrill-seeking, were some young people who believed the system owed them a living and they, by God, were determined to get it—at any cost whatsoever to others.

I’m not looking for them to evolve.