Showdown at Blair House or What?

Showdown at Blair House or What?

The event: The Health Care Showdown or Snowdown.

Time: Today,  10AM - 4PM ET.

The venue:  Blair House, across the street from the White House.

The champions: President Obama and the Democratic  Team.

The challengers & chumps: The Party of No-sayers.

Wild Card: Some dissention among the Dems,  fighting could break out between the reformers and the performers.

For six hours-- while oversees Terrorists are plotting America's demise, the POTUS will be tied up in a meeting with Repub No-sayers who are plotting his demise-- and what will come out of it? Event TV!  With wall-to-wall coverage. Not the size of audience Tiger Woods confession got, but respectable numbers -- may be. But definitely, the cable talking heads will get  something to talk about.

The event will begin with an opening statement from President Obama, followed by remarks, or a rant, or a sneering routine from a Repub, chosen by the No-sayers' leadership, and a Democrat, selected by the Democratic  party's leadership. The Associated Press  reports that President Obama will then "moderate" the discussion. Will there be moderation from the Repubs? Will there be a discussion?

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