Shopping Rich Lady Style: Buying Seats

Shopping Rich Lady Style: Buying Seats

A couple of rich ladies seem to be on their way to buying their way to the top of the Republican ticket, but will they buy their way into office?  Meg Whitman, the former Ebay CEO, and  Linda McMahon, the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, the WWE, each with a billion dollars plus in their respective purses are thrashing their male opponents in the polling for GOP primary nods.

Whitman is spending like Imelda R. Marcos of the Philippines did on shoes. In her closet she wants the California governorship. According to the latest Field Poll, she is steam rolling her primary opponent, Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner , (45% to 17 %), and  now is running ahead of her general election opponent, Jerry Brown, the present state Attorney General and the twice-elected former governor, (46% to 43%).

Thirty nine million dollars! Yes, thirty nine million of them, a significant amount of money to us working people, a mere pittance from her billion dollars plus money bag. With this loot she is buying ads attacking, attacking, attacking! She is willing to spend even more from her purse if necessary. The lady has her heart set on the governor's chair.

In the race for the Republican nomination for Connecticut's open Senate seat, Linda McMahon too has opened her billion dollar purse and is spending heavily. We don't know, but suspect that her husband, the pro-wrestling showman, Vince, is on the sideline and approves of his wife spending lavishly from the family fortune on a vanity seat. According to a new Quinnipiac survey, Linda McMahon has wrestled, or her money has wrestled the lead from her opponent, former Rep. Rob Simmons. (44% to 34%). He had  her down by ten points, a few weeks ago, when she opened up on him with her own personal  heavy, money-gun. But if she remains ahead until the Aug. 10 primary, she will face the Democrat's champion, the state's most popular politician, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who currently  leads McMahon by 33 point.

McMahon and Whitman, with no political experience, have important allies, the most important allies a politician can have, dollars, over a billion of them, ready to be spent! Personal money! And if either of the rich ladies are successful, what could then be in their futures? What else, a shopping trip to buy the White House.