Sharron Angle's Racist Ad Offends Her Own Spokesperson.

Sharron Angle's Racist Ad Offends Her Own Spokesperson.

If anyone doesn't believe that the GOP-Tea Party appeal to the baser instincts, by stroking  the fires of fear and hate, bigotry and racism, one only needs to look at the campaign being run in the Nevada Senate race by Tea Partier- GOP candidate Sharron Angle.


Item from the Las Vegas Sun -- "The chairwoman of the Nevada Republican Hispanic Caucus, (Tibi Ellis), who moonlights as a spokeswoman for Sharron Angle, this week denounced the Republican U.S. Senate candidate's ad on immigration...'I condemned this type of propaganda, no matter who is running them, where they blame Mexicans as the only problem and where they attack them as the only source of illegal immigration. I don't agree with that.'

"The commercial Ellis criticized shows men with flashlights lurking next to a chain-link fence as ominous background music plays and a voice warns about "illegals sneaking across our border putting Americans' safety and jobs at risk." Angle calls Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid "the best friend an illegal alien ever had" in the ad.

" 'Sharron Angle's extreme hostility toward Hispanic Nevadans is so blatant and so striking that not even her own campaign surrogates can avoid denouncing her shameless efforts to play on voters’ worst fears with her thoroughly-debunked lies about immigration," Reid spokesman Kelly Steele said."

In the ad, among other things, Ms. Angle blames illegal immigrants for causing the huge unemployment numbers, by taking American jobs, she does not mention the Great Recession, caused by Republician policies, under the Bush years, nor does she mention, that she and the GOP-Tea Partiers support measures that encourage the outsourcing of millions of American good manufacturing jobs.

Want to see the ad? Here it is: