Saying No To Off Shore Drilling

Saying No To Off Shore Drilling

Charlie Crist 's Republican critics are saying that Charlie Crist is looking more and more like a Democrat everyday. Maybe, only because the Democratic Party has a broad perch, much broader, by far than that narrow little one of the Republican Party, which only has room for wing-nuts. Mr Crist was a member of the Grand Old Party, but he was having no fun, because the wing-nuts in the party made it clear to Mr. Crist,  the party was over for him -- in the GOP it was is. In the wider world of Florida politics, the party is just beginning for Mr. Crist. He jumped out of the GOP just ahead of the boot that was coming his way.

Charlie Crist is the very popular Governor of Florida, who is running for the US Senate, and every present indication is that he will win. I am rooting for Congressman Kendrick Meek, the presumed Democratic nominee, but there is just so much oxygen in the room, and Mr. Crist is sucking most of it up, and is sucking up more Democratic oxygen than is Congressman Meeks.

In today's news, Mr. Crist has said something else that makes him look more and more like a Democrat to his ex-Republican pals. As the fall out from BP busted well, in the form of tar balls wash on the shores of Florida beaches, Mr. Crist announced that he wants to ban oil drilling in state waters.

As CBS reports, "Calling the spill, that has released millions of gallons of oil onto four Gulf States, "a devastating, catastrophic event," Florida Gov. Charlie Crist said he wants an end to oil exploration off his state's coastline. In addition to plugging the leak at the site of BP's destroyed Deepwater Horizon rig, Crist said this morning that, "We need to stop offshore oil drilling in Florida. "I would like to have a special session to ban it here in the Sunshine State," he told CBS "Early Show" anchor Harry Smith. "We're so dependent on tourism for our economy, it's very important that we keep [the beaches] clean." Gov. Crist has proposed a constitutional ban on drilling in the state's waters.

Yes. He is saying no to Drill, baby. Drill.