Sarah Palin's Korean Gaffe?

Sarah Palin's Korean Gaffe?

Ms. Boo-Boo Makes Another Boo-Boo?

So what? If she was smart, she wouldn't be Sarah.

Sarah Palin made a gaffe and the whole world is laughing, firing mocking balls at her. Sarah is a Presidential pretender not a Presidential contender, and her every word, America, are her very own words, and nobody elses to pick apart. She is a serial tweeter not a serious speaker.

Item from the Associated Press --"Sarah Palin is drawing criticism from around the world after declaring that the United States has to stand with 'our North Korean allies.'"

She made the gaffe, yesterday, the day before bird day, and during a radio interview on Glenn Beck's syndicated show.

On Glenn Beck's? America, do you think anyone on that show is serious? And Sarah's mind was probably elsewhere. Maybe she was thinking of how she was going to chase down the family bird with an axe? Beck, who is on record making besmirching comments about Sarah, hasten to correct her gaffe. Too bad some bloggers have nothing better to do than to hark on this gaffe as evidence of Sarah's lack of "foreign policy expertise."

The foreign press jumped on Sarah too. Reports the Associated Press, "Newspapers in Asia and Europe are repeating the criticism. The Times of India says Palin 'did it again,' while London's Daily Mail says she 'may want to brush up on her geography.'"

Wait a minute. Maybe Sarah didn't make a gaffe? She does, doesn't she? Identify with the kooks of America? The wild and crazy ones among the Tea Party guys and gals? She uses a lot of wild and crazy gun shooting imagery in her speeches. Maybe? Just maybe? The kooks in North Korea will be our allies during a President Palin Administration?! Naw.