Sanders supporters causing chaos

Sanders supporters causing chaos

Calls for Bernie to rein in his boys

The vast majority of Bernie Sanders’ supporters are calm, rational, intelligent people. Then you have the “Bernie bros,” a small but vocal minority (as they say) who are not happy with the current state of things. A group of Bernie bros kicked up a fuss at the Nevada State Democratic Convention this week, where they harassed several female speakers including Senator Barbara Boxer and Senator Dianne Feinstein.

The Bernie Bros were in fine form, with “loud cursing, shouting, obscene gestures and vile insults, including crude comments about the female anatomy.” These supporters are staunchly against Sanders dropping out of the race, and seem to take umbrage at the idea they should back Hillary Clinton.

Many have pointed out that this chaos is exactly what Donald Trump wants. The deeper the schism in the Democratic Party, the more likely it is that his supporters will overwhelm the fragmented Democrats and send him to the White House.

Some are calling for Bernie Sanders to take a stand against this lewd, violent, and misogynist behavior (including death threats against prominent female members of the Democratic Party) by some of his fans. Instead, Sanders recently gave a statement where he chided the Democratic Party for needing to “open its doors and welcome into the party” his supporters.