Sanders and Trump Debate?

Sanders and Trump Debate?

An event may be in the making

Hillary Clinton has passed on debates, and Bernie Sanders is looking to pick up any support he can in the wake of the upcoming California primary. 

It's no big surprise for Clinton, who has tried to avoid debates at all costs. The Sander's campaign also felt she pushed for weekend debate dates and prior to holidays to avoid a broader audience.

The possibility of a Trump V. Sander's debate came up on the Jimmy Kimmel show yesterday as Sanders camp was allowed to ask the Donald one question during the taping. That's when the Sander's campaign asked if he would want to debate.

The Trump response was an interesting one. Overall a yes with the addition of some sort of charity being raised from the event. Trump feels that the  draw huge ratings and they should take advantage of that fact.

The event would give the Sander's campaign more of a boost than anyone. Trump and Clinton have nothing to gain, while Sanders could gain some California primary voters in a state currently polling two points in Clinton's favor.

Tonight Sanders will join the Kimmel show, and perhaps a debate will be set for what would probably be the largest debate TV audience ever. Trump should get the same one question to ask, which hopefully will be "how about (insert date) for a debate"