Russia to Up Gas Export Duty to 44%

Russia to Up Gas Export Duty to 44%

We’ve all been freaking out over what we pay at the pump—and we’ve heard that it’s only going to get worse. If Russia’s gas shortage and subsequent actions to make up for it are any indication—and, seeing as Russia is the world’s largest oil producer, it likely is—we’re all in way over our heads.

Back in February, the Russian government tried to help its citizens at the pump by putting a cap on gas prices—something that we’d all love, too, I’m sure. Unfortunately, to account for costs, they had to up their exports—resulting in the current gas shortage in the country.

Now Russia is planning on charging a duty of 44% starting on May 1, which is higher than the 34% that international governments were expecting. So what we’ve heard about prices might not even be as bad as it’s going to get.

As we scramble to come up with ways to get more fuel—as well as to pay for it—we should definitely be spending even more time and energy making electric cars and alternative fuel sources a reality, like we should have done decades ago. This day has been coming; my own college environmental biology professor warned us that we’d be out of oil in about 60 to 80 years, and that was five years ago—and before BP wasted so much of it, which wasn’t part of the equation. If we’re going to be mobile at all—not to mention be able to survive this planet—we’re going to have to institute some drastic changes immediately, oil producers and sellers be damned.

Or, rather than be damned, start doing the responsible thing and sell alternative products. There’s no reason that gas stations couldn’t become charging stations, or sellers of whatever alternative we end up developing. People don’t have to lose jobs over this.

Of course, if we don’t change and we run out of petroleum, nobody will have jobs—and we’ll all be living in chaos.