Rubio's Last Stand

Rubio's Last Stand

The FL Senator's fight to win his own state

At the Florida GOP debate Marco Rubio had to do well. 

Backed up against a wall, hanging by a thread, after finishing last (or next to last) in most all state races recently. Most importantly, in his home state of Florida, where he was a senator, he had to get it right and win.

A loss in Florida will officially knock him out of the run for the White House. Although in an interview following the debate he refused to say this was true. He even went as far as saying his campaign already has planned meetings in some of the upcoming debate locations win ormlose in Fl.

In the same interview he offered a plea to many though. Explaining that if the voters do not want Trump to win, they need to not vote for Kasich or Cruz. Rubio stated that a vote for either of the 2 was essentially a vote for Trump.

Although that argument is in fact true, the move seems a bit desperate...and a bit unpresidential for that matter. Asking voters to vote for someone other than who they would like to. 

This is especially true because if they do not want to vote for Rubio in FL...a man who was in the Florida senate...the must have good reason to not do so.

Maybe they just do not think you did well for Florida Marco.

Rubio did make a strong argument at the debate however. Many voters may have got their first time to really hear him out. With petty arguments, surprisingly, aside Thursday... GOP candidates were actually able to get their policy issues heard.

This was the first debate in many months that was audible to voters. A combination of Jake Tapper (host) setting the framework for rules, and a simple bell signifying the end of one's time seems to be all it took. Donald Trump, of all people, even commented on the civil nature of the night. 

This really helped Rubio who was getting sucked into counter-aggression with Trump in prior debates...and it has been clearly hurting him in races.

Thursday however, particularly in the area of Cuba, Rubio stood out from the crowd. He made the best points for why the US should not be in any sort of symbiotic relationship with the Cuban government.

This issue is a particularly sensitive one to many in Florida and coukdnoroducr alot of votes.

We will see if the issue, and the night, was enough for Rubio or if we have seen one of his last debates. Atleast if it is one of his last, it was a better one for him. One not overshadowed by name-calilng and other grade school behaviors. 

One he can say he got back to the issues and policy he has wanted to discuss all along. Most importantly , one debate where he got back to character while not forgetting who he is...nor what he stands for.