Rubio's Goodbye Speech

Rubio's Goodbye Speech

Apologetic Rubio addresses fans

Marco Rubio recently approached supporters with sadness and regret.

With Super Tuesday part 3 bearing down on Rubio, he gave what seems to be his goodbye address to his campaign supporters.

Despite a recent significant win in D.C. (his only of 2016 thus far) The win should have been a starting point for Rubio to begin to push for a win in states. It showed that those in Washington D.C.  feel Rubio has the best chance to be president in D.C. Tuesday we will know for sure if that support helped, but it looks bleak.

The win may just highlight further why Trump keeps winning. D.C is who Trump is fighting against. Politicians are exactly who the voters currently are not voting for. It may just throw gas on this proverbial fire.

Rubio looks to be far behind in his home state of Florida. A double digit lead is showing in many polls by Trump. This will likely be Rubio's demise.

Perhaps feeling this painful reality, Rubio spoke to supporters at a rally with deep emotion.

I wrote of Rubio's last stand not long ago... In that article, I expressed how Rubio took a huge hit when he stooped to the level of Trump. He got away from who he was and what he stood for. 

Rubio echoed those feelings to his supporters. He even apologized to his wife and kids for the behavior. He thanked all of those who have stood beside him and painfully spoke about the state of the Republican campaign he ran.

Tonight, may not just spell an end to Rubio's campaign, but wins in Ohio and Florida can all but sure up Donald Trump punching his ticket to fighting for the White House as the republican nominee.

A Florida loss will also prompt Rubio to make one more speech to his fans as he will officially end his fight for then republican nomination. This I do not doubt in the slightest. 

A bitter pill to swallow for Marco and, perhaps, America as a whole.