Romney makes more international enemies

Romney makes more international enemies

The "king of anti-foreign policy" is not popular in China

Mitt Romney is quickly gaining a reputation as the king of anti-foreign policy.  In his effort to become President, he is willing to say whatever he needs to get America behind him.  Unfortunately, this often means blasting other countries with little foresight to what the future of the Presidency would hold for him.  He already managed to make an ass of himself in England with some pre-Olympic remarks.  Now he is miming some anti-Chinese sentiment and pissing off one of the largest economies in the world.

Firstly, he decided he would mock their efforts at a successful space program.  In one speech, he pointed out that China’s desire for a manned moon mission is 43 years behind the times (or rather, behind the U.S.).  China has made amazing progress in the realm of space exploration despite the difficulties imposed upon them by other countries that don’t want to cooperate with them.  They also happen to be very proud of their accomplishments and to insult them on that level by mocking their “backwardness” is worse than clumsy political rhetoric - it’s childlike and blatantly insulting.

The bigger issue, however, comes in his devotion to fighting China on trade policy.  He accused them directly of intellectual property theft and implied that most of what they are doing technologically is the result of them stealing U.S. research and design.  And, along with the rest of the bandwagon, he promised to impose trade sanctions against China.  One again, he seems almost focused on pissing off the sleeping giant.

The more he talks, the more it becomes obvious that Mitt Romney is in no way prepared to assume a Presidential role.  We are no longer in the age of isolationism and nationalistic tendencies are proven to be detrimental to global cooperation and progress.  If Romney wants to insult the country that will most likely be the leading super-power of the 21st century in order to scare up a few extra votes, let him.  But please don’t allow him dictate the policies of an entire nation while he pursues his mindless agenda.