Rick Perry Says Federal Regs Are Killing Jobs; Wants To Freeze Them All

Rick Perry Says Federal Regs Are Killing Jobs; Wants To Freeze Them All

Perry wants a freeze on all government regulations because playing by the rules hurts economic growth.


A couple of months ago Tim Pawlenty (then a Republican challenger) tried to out Tea Party his opponents by calling for a sunset on all federal regulations with a review of each every three years. So of the tens of thousands of federal regulations, Pawlenty would have liked to see our gridlocked congress come to a vote on all regulations on a three-year rotation... effectively shutting down government. Now with Pawlenty out, Perry seems to have picked up the banner of the great deregulator. He has made a call to government to put a moratorium on all federal regulations, which he says are "killing jobs all across America". He specifically cites EPA regulations, saying they're destroying growth for small businesses.

     I've always said that the Tea Party brings a battle axes to surgery, preferring broad-strokes rhetoric driving broad-strokes lawmaking. Perry's decided that because of those regulations that do tend to check any business' growth (it's not like the government targets small businesses) that all federal regulations should end. ThinkProgress breaks down the other things that Perry's axe-swinging approach to regulatory reform would effectively cut. Regulations regarding USDA's food safety rules, EPA's water supply safety, DHS protections from domestic terrorists, Treasury's currency printing would all end. There would be no more sanctions on nations like North Korea and Iran, and no more patents awarded. The FDA would stop approving new medications and protecting people from human experimentation. These are a few of the thousands of regulations that, should they be simply stopped, or "frozen", would literally undo the fabric of the country.


     Perry, no doubt, didn't educate himself before making the radical remark, and I'm sure in practice he would temper those ideas. However, he's seizing on this radicalized "limited government" ideology that has been so over-blown by Tea Party elements in the public and punditocracy. However, Perry, Palin, Bachmann, and other Teapublican sermonizers are acting irresponsibly by attempting to "galvanize" radical thinking by making outrageous claims like "freezing all federal regulations". At some point, there needs to be some levity and lucidity to individuals that are looking to take the highest office in the country. I think it's irresponsible to wait until the general election; mostly because politically candidates temper their message in a general election anyway and publicly they'll have thrown gas on a fire that can no longer be put out.

     My hope is that Perry, Bachmann, and anyone else that is going to senselessly pander to the radical right and the Tea Party ideologues are going to effectively marginalize themselves right out of the race. yes the media reports ad nauseam on the conservative leanings of this relatively small group of hardline fanatics; but the majority of the country, the moderate centrist majority, wants an end to the rhetoric and the gridlock. Let these Teapublican candidates talk themselves out of the nomination. We have serious problems facing us in this country today, fiscally, socially, and politically, and we need serious candidates to solve them. In any case, I'd like to see someone on the stage with Obama that will force him to take a solid stance on the progressive issues that earned him the office in the first place.