Republican Ticket Thickening

Republican Ticket Thickening

Fox News issues add to the GOP struggles

The Republican ticket has soured with Ted Cruz stepping up to the plate, and hitting anything but a homerun at The RNC. With that, FOX News concerns only thicken a gelatinous pot.

Fox News has been overall viewed as favorable to the Republican ticket...regardless of how the Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump feud has played out this past year. Now, in conjunction with that Republican National Convention, we have Fox News drama to add to it...and Megyn Kelly now winds herself in the midst of it.

After Gretchen Wilson found herself ousted from the Fox family, accusations of sexual abuse by the Fox News CEO, Roger Ailes, soon followed. Many may have put this off as just that...accusations... since Wilson may have been upset and seeking vengeance for her dismissal. However, Megyn Kelly (still with the Fox station) has now come forward.

Kelly, who has found herself at serious odds with Trump, is also saying Ailes made advances to her in a sexual nature. Add this... and tie it in with the RNC this week...brings forth a serious headlines for the RNC. Making many confused as to where to even begin in regards to the Republican ticket.

Kelly's accusations are yet to be totally confirmed by herself, but she has also had considerable time to deny them as well...without doing so. Her heavyweight title at the FOX station (thanks in many parts to Trump) may just be the death of Ailes at Fox News. Meanwhile, it ties in perfectly to a very shaky week for the Republican party.