Republican Party Woes

Republican Party Woes

Cruz and company hurting GOP

Ted Cruz opened up Pandora's box tonight, but he was not alone. John Kasich, who went against Trump in the primaries, also fueled the fire. Many of the contestants against Donald Trump also have been busy against the Donald, so it looks like the Republican Party is still at odds.

When the GOP wanted to let you think the Democratic party was falling apart, it lasted about a week...maybe a month in the midst of the primary voting. Bernie Sanders was linked to being totally against Hillary Clinton, even when that was far from the truth. Anyone who really watched their numerous debates knew that Sanders had his differences from Hillary. Primarily being against Wall Street, but overall he pledged many similarities.

Now, as the real race begins, the Democratic party has solidified with Bernie wrapping up many political party platform gains...while Cruz solidified a GOP in shambles.

Cruz pretty much said...hey, we are not in this together. Kasich said Trump pretty much took a look at me for his VP, but no thanks. Anyone against Trump has overall said the same. No thanks...minus doctor Carson that is whom signed on. Last time i looked though he was under Cruz and Kasich in the primaries...oh, he was under Rubio too.

In hindsight, the Democratic party did not have as much competition during the primaries. However, they had enough to show that they were still closer to Hillary than any contestant going against Trump.

With all that said, the GOP continues to trudge through the mud while the Democratic party seems to all be standing on solid ground. No matter how, NOT, solid that Hillary Clinton ground may be. When it comes down to it, it is still ground that would be preferred. Grass that is at least now greener than that in the Republican party.

Please let the debates begin so US undecided voters can try and muddle through the dirt and grime ourselves.