The Real Results of the GOP Hate Machine

The Real Results of the GOP Hate Machine

More Hispanics in America cite discrimination, survey finds.

Hispanics-Americans are the targets of right-wing media and the GOP-Tea Party hate machine, using the illegal immigration issue as means to gain votes from non-Hispanic whites.

According to the result of a survey released, yesterday, Thursday, this hate is having a real impact on the way Hispanic-Americans are being treated in this country. Large numbers of Hispanic-Americans have detected bias directed at them.

From the Statesman -- "? Nearly two-thirds of Latinos in the United States say they are being discriminated against, and a plurality think the backlash over illegal immigration is the central driver of such bias." These figures are based on a Washington Post poll

Hispanics-Americans have an opportunity to play a key role in the gubernatorial races in California, Florida, Texas, and Colorado, and the U.S. senate races in California, Colorado and Nevada. In Nevada, the GOP-Tea Party candidate is running one of the worst anti-Hispanic campaigns in U.S. history. But surveys have shown that Latino "enthusiasm and turnout in the midterms is low."