Rape is not a gift from God

Rape is not a gift from God

And neither the hell are you, Richard Mourdock.

If you haven’t heard yet, Richard Mourdock, a Tea Party Republican candidate for Senate, made a statement so heinous yesterday several people I know broke things after hearing him say it. Okay, so did I.

Mourdock said that women should be forced to carry their pregnancies to full term from a rape because said pregnancies are a “gift from God.” Let me tell you something, Rich. Can I call you Rich? My middle name, Jean, literally does mean “gift from God,” so you can feel free to use that one. But a rape, or a pregnancy resulting from rape—which accounts for at least 32,000 pregnancies a year, by the way—is no gift. Are you that stupid, or simply that cruel, Dick? Can I call you dick?Do you really think that your God would want babies born out of hate, violence and fear rather than love? If you force women to carry out pregnancies, I will tell you what you’re going to get out of it, and it’s not godly at all:

  1. Lots of dead or maimed women who attempted to abort their own pregnancies unsafely out of desperation and despair, and
  2. Women who feared breaking the law, then carried out said pregnancies and had children who looked just like their rapists whom they despised, who then suffered lives full of hate and despair, fully carrying on the cycle.

Wait to go, Dick! You’ve figured out a way to keep women in fear, in poverty, and miserable forever, which I’m sure is your real goal here. I’m not saying that there aren’t women who will carry their pregnancies to full term after a rape by their own choice, and I’m not saying that there won’t be people born from rape who aren’t good people, or who have good lives, either.

I am saying that it must be a woman’s choice to make this difficult decision on her own, and it’s none of your damn business, Dick. YOUR job, as a politician, is to butt the hell out of our medical decisions. If you want to prevent abortion so much, Dick, you need to focus on the cause here, the cause you, yourself, call a blessing—rape.

So how about it, Dick? Show us how you’re going to stop rape. Show us how you’re going to prevent abortion by preventing other Dicks from hurting women. That I am interested in very much.

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