Race and Politics

Race and Politics

How VP Tim Kaine figures into the Latino vote

Hillary Clinton has made her choice in Vice President. That choice comes in the form of Tim Kaine. The two are set to begin their relationship with a ceremony in Miami to more officially announce him to the position. 

Currently, Kaine is a Virginia Senator. Clinton, as we know, has her headquarters in New York...so how does Florida come into play?

Well, Florida will be a good majority of votes within the Latino community. Kaine figures in as a fluent Spanish speaking American who can try and win some of those very votes.

Many believe that is one good reason he was brought on. Especially given the uncertainty Hispanic Americans could see if Trump was to be elected to office. Not to mention, how many of their family members outside the US could be effected.

Then again, Trump was able to win the Republican primaries in Florida. More impressively, he did so against Marco Rubio. Rubio himself is of Latino descent and was in his home state of Florida when he lost to Trump. A loss that ultimately ended his Presidential run.

Looks like the Latino vote battle may be more of an uphill climb than Hillary may have thought...