Quick clicks for a better world

Quick clicks for a better world

Take action for these causes you care about.

Like clicking around and supporting causes you care about? Check to see if any of the following interest you, then take action!

Save funding for disability programs

Congress has loved its ability to gut programs that help people (without gutting their own pay and free federal health care, of course!), but we need to tell them enough is enough. Did you know that most federal programs are being cut by more than eight percent unless Congress gets busy on making some changes before the end of the year? Help save disability programs and other important programs by clicking here and telling Congress to reduce the deficit by cutting unnecessary spending—not crucial costs.

Stand with Bill Nye the Science Guy

Mr. Nye has been in the news a lot lately for his support of evolution—which, let’s face it, should not need support since it’s a proven fact, and it’s embarrassing that so many people in our country still fiercely claim it’s “not true”—but he’s also trying to save space exploration programs. Click here to read Mr. Nye’s plea for voters to urge the president to continue supporting NASA’s planetary exploration program and to add your voice to the campaign if you agree.

Support striking Walmart workers

Last week, workers at Walmart in California went on strike—and since then, more workers have followed suit in 28 states. This is amazing news, since Walmart has one of the worst track records when it comes to worker rights in our nation. Let’s give these striking workers some support! Click here to get involved.

Speaking of Walmart…

The company is also being targeted by Greenpeace as a seller of unsustainable tuna. Since the measures used to catch Great Value tuna are not safe ones, plenty of bycatch die from the sale of this brand of tuna—including sea turtles, sharks, rays, and other animals. Tens of thousands die every year just for this product! If you want Walmart to start using sustainable fishing methods, click here and join the campaign.

Tell Barney’s to stop promoting negative body image

Did you hear about how Barney’s (the department store, not the dinosaur) altered the image of Minnie Mouse (and other Disney characters) to make her rail-thin? Apparently she was too fat for their new holiday display. The “new” Minnie is 5 foot 11 and a size zero. Um, that’s really not cool, Barney’s, and I’m happy to tell you so. If you’d like to tell Barney’s to remove this display, click here.