Putin likens Libya air strikes to 'Crusades'

Putin likens Libya air strikes to 'Crusades'

What Game is Mr. Putin Playing?

The Prime Minister of Russia, Mr. Vladimir Putin, gave his views on the air strikes on Libya. He picked up the Gadhafi line, and likened them to 'medieval calls for crusades.' See the video.

Well, what game is Mr. Putin playing? Russia sits on the U.N. Security Council and has a veto. If Mr. Putin thought, what he now says he thinks, when the vote on the no-fly zone for Libya was taken, why did Russia abstain? Is this a case of the gentleman who wants to keep his cake and to eat it too? He could have blocked the UN sanctions and the no-fly zone placed on Libya by simply vetoing the resolutions. Why didn't he? Maybe because in politics little is simple?

Why did Putin use of the word "crusade", a double loaded word aimed at the Arab nation? It is a word used to stroke the old fears of Arabs and Muslims that Christians are out to destroy Islam. Shame on Mr. Putin.

The no-fly zone has UN approval, but is a NATO members operation, with a few small Arab League participants. Mr Putin's target is probably NATO. He cares nothing about Gadhafi. He just wants to hit NATO over the head with an iron pipe at every opportunity. And he doesn't want to miss this opportunity.