Putin and Russia DNC Hack

Putin and Russia DNC Hack

Conspiracy or fact...?

The DNC emails we have spoke about here are suspected to be done by Russia according to US experts. The FBI continues to look into this further, but apparently the DNC was warned that such a hack may occur sometime ago. Hillary Clinton's campaign went to the airwaves after the incident to tie this hack into a conspiracy theory with Russia in favor of Donald Trump.

A darn good theory i may say as well, which included the fact that Trump has spoken pretty highly of Trump. Putin, too, has spoken highly of Trump at times as well. On top of this, both have spoken at length about wanting to get rid of NATO. So yea, good work Clinton camp...makes sense to me. You seems to always have a good comeback...and the use of resources and other people helps. Friends in high places.

Trump JR. Quickly went to the airwaves himself to speak on the ridiculousness of such a claim. He went on to speak about Hillary's numerous incidents saying whatever she needs to get by or try and win. Trump camp, obviously, denies any such claims.

With the FBI tying in Russia, it begs to ask though if Trump may be involved. Then again, this was the same FBI that cleared Hillary in her email scandal. Maybe the real conspiracy is the FBI also already in line with Clinton and her camp. Making even more story line to these already fascinating headlines.

No such FBI tie to the Trump camp has been spoke of, but then again they have not even shown any sort of evidence tying Russia to the hacks. Both the timing of the release of the hacked emails, and the release of the FBI saying Russia was involved, are questionable.

Just more reasons not to be able to trust either candidate. Maybe a third will be able to get some debate time soon. just a couple more percentage points until that just may be. Then we can see if we should believe him either.