Protesters Rally Against Qaddafi and Ahmadinejad as Delegates Around the World Walk Out on Iranian Speech

Protesters Rally Against Qaddafi and Ahmadinejad as Delegates Around the World Walk Out on Iranian Speech

As the Disputed Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was preparing to speak before the UN General Session yesterday, Israel called for a boycott against the leader that has everyone on edge as of late. Hundreds of other protesters were also speaking out against the UN's decision to allow Ahmadinejad to speak before the council as others showed their opposition to the Lybian leader who also addressed the UN.

Of the nations that were in attendance, many including Canada and the United States walked out in protest during the speech which was described as little more than anti-semitic and anti-American propaganda with an Islamic sermon thrown in for good measure. He attempted to defend his presidency which many say he stole and argued that he was duly elected by his people to spite the growing number of his people that are protesting him and his policies just as much as Israel and the US are.

Protesters carried signs asking for freedom for Iran to break them from the tyranny of Ahmadinejad and related rulers and featured the common slogan that “Ahmadinejad is not my president” to show their disapproval for a man who many feel took the position with out a legitimate right to do so.

His most ridiculous and hate filled portions of his speech came when he stood before the world and showed his true colors as an unreasonable anti-Semite bent on war when he once again denied that the Holocaust in which millions of the Jewish people were slaughtered mercilessly never occurred. Such outlandish remarks undermined any possible credibility that Ahmadinejad could have had and angered so many of the delegates that by that by the end of his speech he was addressing a nearly empty room. He followed up by saying that he would not comply wi

th western demands to cease his nuclear program.

Protesters around New York were also rallying against another leader who spoke at the UN yesterday while those inside the UN suffered through the ramblings of Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi who had been allotted 15 minutes to address the UN but took over an hour and half to ramble about everything from crazy conspiracies about the assassination of JFK to complaints about jet lag which he used to justify his idea to move the UN headquarters because it was too much of a “burden” on the US to house the United Nations.

 He tossed books and notes to and fro and complained about Israel, H1N1 conspiracy theories, and the security council and finally, several glasses of water and two interpreters later, he wrapped it up. His presence in the US met with great protest, particularly from the families of the victims of the Lockerbie bomber who Qaddafi welcomed back as a hero after he was released from a Scottish prison on humanitarian grounds.

The offense and controversy of these leaders have many wondering why we should even allow their presence in our country given their out right hatred for the United States and the lack of respet for the United Nations.