The Presidential Election

The Presidential Election

Who to vote for at this point?

The Presidential Election is in November and I am going to revisit this post when we get closer to the date. But for now, after absorbing everything about both candidates what would I do?

I think the best way to go about it is to look at the weaknesses and strengths of both candidates. Even as I am writing this up, I am wondering to myself how many people are really going to research and make an informed decision. I was just watching on TV about how the state of Pennsylvania is going to ask for voter ID before an individual can cast their vote.

This call for a photo ID could result in a victory for the Republicans in Pennsylvania for the simple reason that Romney supporters are more likely to have a voter ID to present to the officials. In other words, there are people out – a lot of them – who approach voting as an economic cost. And who can blame them?

But I am guessing if you have been reading this blog, you probably are fairly well educated and won't approach voting as an economic cost. So it’s your job to do what I am about to tell you as a free market voter and then tell as many people as you can. Here it goes.

President Obama is very articulate and a great talker. Everyone knows this and they also know about the high expectations for his presidency not being lived up to. I want to bring up something here about Obama’s presidency and that is Dinesh D’Souza and his documentary Obama’s America. D’Souza’s point is that Obama doesn’t like America’s sometimes unhealthy power over the world at large and would prefer it to decline. I know it is a peculiar assertion, but he does make some interesting points.

The conversation with Obama’s half-brother seems to show this side of Obama as a worldly thinker. But is this necessarily a bad thing?

As for Mitt Romney, I think the problem he might have is that the majority of the voters probably don’t trust him. Furthermore, I am sure the voters want President Obama to get his second term as it brings a different approach. Since Obama knows that he will be leaving office, he will be more prepared to do what he wants and get things done.

This mindset can be a good or bad thing. But at this point, I trust President Obama a tad bit more than Mitt Romney. Don’t get me wrong, I am also a big fan of Governor Romney.